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"Apple" Type Diet

The apples will ALWAYS do better with a low-carb or a low glycemic-carb diet. You DO NOT have to watch calories IF, and I mean IF, you eat NO high or medium glycemic food. You must eat only carbs below 50 on the Glycemic Index. That makes low glycemic eating the MOST SUSTAINABLE choice for apple types.

However, many of you will not tolerate even ONE serving of the offending carbs per week as this could negate all weight loss. This ‘carb tolerance’ is highly individual and you must find your own level. Some can have a piece of bread per day, others cannot.

If I eat one sandwich per week I will be fat regardless of how much exercise I do. Believe me, I have tried!! I have not eaten a piece of bread in 15 years. I have tried to have an occasional bite of dessert over the years and immediately gained weight until I decided to stop playing with my food.

Many low carb diet books such as “South Beach Diet” sell better by stating that you CAN eat some of these carbohydrates. Just know that when you see those words you will be eating less carbohydrates AND less calories. If you want to eat until you are full, I doubt that you will be eating those “bad” (high glycemic) carbs.

You should NEVER go hungry. Contrary to popular opinion, you are not a supersizing glutton; you have a sickness. Your pancreas has been overwhelmed by a constant load of simple starch and sugar.

When we began to gain weight, 90% of us eventually ate less food in response. Now you may return to your full caloric intake as long as you eat NO bad carbohydrates. Eventually, very near the end of desired weight loss, the quantity of food MAY become more important to you as you finally pass by your “healthy” weight and attempt a “vanity” weight.

Vanity weight is a body whose fat stores are too low. This is not sustainable and many models and body builders get “ripped” for competition days only. This eventual need to watch calories confuses many trainers and other teachers who have little body fat to begin with. In fact trainers who have never been an “apple” will swear that lowering bad carbs does nothing simply because it does nothing to them! Remember, if your pancreas is fully functioning you will not gain weight from eating “bad” (low glycemic) carbs.

The more pronounced the tummy; the faster the weight loss. If you look ‘pregnant’ (male or female) and have not stored much fat elsewhere you will lose weight rapidly. Your next medical check up will show a lowering of triglycerides and the bad cholesterol within just 4 or 5 weeks. This is your diet. You are part of the epidemic in America today caused by excess consumption of sugar and processed carbs.

If you have read the whole weight loss section, you will know that on your first diet, you will lose weight very quickly and that it will be slower with each successive diet. If you do this over and over, as many do every bathing suit season, it may eventually take a year to lose 10 pounds. You may choose to start by eliminating all flour products, rice, corn, potatoes, sugar (except one teaspoon) or other sweeteners, beer and white wine, tropical and dried fruit. I know that these are your favorite foods or you would not have the tummy problem. There are a few other foods you need to look out for but these are the biggies.

Here is a list of carbs and their Glycemic Index. You may eat one serving at any meal of any the carbs below 50 on this scale, thus creating a BALANCED diet, NOT a low carb diet. Remember, if your low carb diet includes even small amounts of high glycemic carbs you must also eat low calorie to avoid fat storage. (Those of you eating whole plates of pasta and half a pizza are on ultra HIGH carb diets.) Overcooking, grinding, milling or juicing will all raise the glycemic index of a given carb.

This is the “sure thing” version. The other option is to gradually lower the quantity of the offending carbohydrates, instead of removing all of them, until weight loss begins. Weight loss will begin later but you will find you own carbohydrate tolerance level more quickly through this method and will not eliminate some carbohydrates unnecessarily.

Most apples will need to eat 5 times a day to prevent the low blood sugar problems that are associated with low pancreatic function. Most common symptoms of this include tiredness, brain fog and strong cravings for sugary and salty carbohydrates. Commonly these low blood sugar periods are at 10:00 am. to 11:00 am and again at 2:00, 3:00 or 4:00 pm. Be prepared and eat BEFORE you crash (sustainability trials).

There is much more to say about low glycemic weight loss, in fact, I have a manuscript on the subject that is 300 pages long. I welcome your questions by e-mail and I will post blogs and dates for my public lectures on this site.

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