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Counting Calories

Those who have never worked in the weight loss field will often say, “a calorie is a calorie. You must burn off through exercise or deprive yourself of 3500 calories to lose one pound. You cannot violate the laws of thermodynamics.”

The laws of thermodynamics apply fairly well to dead things, but they do not apply to the living. NO weight loss study has EVER come close to showing such a relationship between calories and weight loss. If we follow the calorie theory everyone in the concentration camps would have starved to death but most deaths resulted from malnutrition—the others adapted and survived.

If you have read the section on Adaptation you already know the biggest reason. Humans can fully ADAPT to lower (or higher) caloric intakes and exercise programs. Weight loss will stop when we adapt to our exercise or diet program.

Millions of us dieters KNOW THIS and call it a plateau. This process alone would render one’s caloric needs a moving target at best. People also have highly varying degrees of food digestion and food absorption rates relative to stomach and intestinal health and it would follow that they would also have varying results from the exact same calorie intake.

Even the calorie theorists believe that muscles burn calories at rest therefore the individual amount of muscle that each person has would also influence their calorie needs and further render calorie counting useless. If you believe in the calorie theory please send me a relevant clinical trial that went on for a year or more (which gives ADAPTATION its opportunity) showing weight loss that aligns with the calorie theory.

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