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Anaerobic Intervals

Serious athletes know how to “peak” for big events. They will train and rest and train and rest for months, gradually getting faster and/or going farther. As their big event nears, they will train shorter distances than their event, but faster. This is how winners are created. Finally they “taper” down to very light or no training for the days before their event.

The most important part of this training, the part that really creates the big winners in sports, is the “shorter distances at faster speeds.” Athletes refer to these as “intervals,” short for “anaerobic intervals.” Anaerobic literally means without oxygen. When the demand for oxygen exceeds the available supply, you are anaerobic. This calls for very intense exercise in conditioned athletes.

As a coach I knew that moderate exercise creates an anaerobic situation for most weekend warriors and fairly light exercise leads to an anaerobic condition for sedentary people. Essentially, the more fit you are the harder intervals become. Conversely, those who are out of shape can get maximal heart rates quite easily.

Six years ago I designed Frontier Movement to give anaerobic intervals to everyone, as we say “All Ages and Abilities.” I knew this was the quickest way to improved fitness. In my coaching days I told all my athletes that you can be good athlete with lots of miles and good rest, but you can only be great by performing intervals.

Through six years of development we now have a program that includes 50 unique, time tested, and highly evolved workouts. It is, beyond a doubt, the fastest way I have ever seen to become healthy. Muscles build more rapidly and cardiovascular health improves more rapidly than we thought possible.

I have also witnessed a strong link between anaerobic intervals and healing of the body in all respects. Intervals seem to drive the entire ensemble of the human body towards improved function. All my clients heal faster, sleep better, perform better, look better, and, most importantly, feel better through Frontier Movement than ANY other modality they have tried. This allows us to promise incredible results on all fronts with just two, 1-hour visits per week!

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