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Mixed Type Diet

It is both true and logical that the ‘mixed’ body type will blend both the apple and pear diets. The mixed type stores fat relatively evenly throughout the body. I would like to differentiate the “genetic” mixed type from the “acquired” mixed type.

If you have always stored excess weight fairly evenly both above and below the waist you are the genetic mixed type. The acquired mixed type originally stored excess weight in the thighs. Over time, a diet high in processed carbohydrates had the same effect on these mixed types as it did on the apples, that is, a tummy began to appear as the pancreatic function was compromised. In my experience the acquired mixed type will do well by exchanging all high and medium glycemic carbs for low glycemic carbs much the same as the apple.

Following the last-in-first-out principle, you will lose the upper body weight first including the upper arms and face. This corrects the acquired aspect of your weight gain. You will then begin to gradually eat less as you should have been able to eat your fill prior. “Eating less” means following the protocol for pears. Let weight loss be slow and permanent. No radical food reduction or meal skipping.

The genetic mixed types who have always stored excess weight fairly evenly throughout the body do well with a blend of the pear and apple diets. The results will be a more even top to bottom weight loss than the acquired type.

Everybody should start with a good housecleaning. Consciously remove the “worst offenders” first. These are the foods that not only cause weight gain due to their lack of satiety, but they are making you sick as well. Candy, sugar and white flour desserts and soft drinks are toxic yet many refer to these as “treats!” Treat yourself to premature aging, diabetes, cancer, ovarian cysts, and a good yeast infection!

Eliminate processed white flour that is used to make crackers, chips, breads, bagels, etc. and switch to whole wheat. You must resist the rare occasions where you eat till you hurt such as Thanksgiving and Christmas and contrary to the popular saying, there is NOT always room for dessert! If you are full; stop eating.

These rare occasions of gluttony can be the root of the problem for the add-one-pound-every-year weight gainer. Our client weigh-ins have shown this to be true and there has been one good clinical trial supporting a weight gain of 1 ½ pounds on the average American during the holiday (gluttony) season.

As I have previously said gluttony is not the cause of the obesity problem, in fact healthy people go on to lose this small gain every spring. But those of us not paying attention to this occasional gluttony can very gradually get into trouble.

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