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Before I developed Frontier Movement, I knew there was a better way to be healthy and I intuitively knew that the body was designed to heal itself. I did not know or expect the level of healing we are having today, and I can tell you that everyone here is very aware that this is happening. I know that not one single client is bored, and I know that close to 100% of us have never felt better in our lives. Every aspect of our health has been touched by the work and many who are approaching 50, 60, 70, or 80 have never performed as well in their entire lives.

At Frontier Movement we perform side by side with kids, teens and scholarship athletes and it is usually THEY who are impressed. We are now aging in a relatively pain free and high-energy mode. Those of us who play sports are amazed at what we can do, whether as a serious athlete or weekend warrior. Remember, a lot of these people worked out here for many years in the traditional manner with machines, squats, lunges, etc. They may be best qualified to tell you the BIG difference in Frontier Movement and traditional workouts. Take a look around this site. I think you will be positively impressed by what you find.

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Sherri Greenberg
Stephanie Swann
Trainer, Massage Therapist
Blake T. Prince
Deep Tissue Massage Therapist
Nicki Anahata Musick
Yoga Instructor

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