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When I began youth classes in Frontier Movement work, I offered after school classes for 7 to 11 year olds and another class for teens. Immediately the kids fell into their “roles.” One tried to be funny, one tried to know everything before I finished explaining a movement, the overweight kid would give up without trying, and the jock would kick their butts! Often, chaos would rule the day as everyone stuck to their defined roles.

Maybe the greatest thing I can say about Frontier Movement is that we find NO children who are incapable of becoming athletic. That’s right; I said “NONE.” My breakthrough with young people happened totally by accident.

Every year I would load up the summer and after school classes for youth. Most of the kids were athletes whose parents knew we were having the best training results for sports. We also enabled many talented beginners to “make the team” in a wide variety of sports. But when the season started for our athletic kids or a child would “make the team,” I lost a client. The classes went from big to nothing over and over until I cancelled them and put the remaining kids in with the adult classes. At that time, these kids were the ones who were not athletic.

Every one of those kids quickly forgot their roles, as their behavior around unfamiliar adults was quite different! The adults naturally nurtured the young and bonds were formed that transcended the normal “gym class” relationships. The transformations were astounding! They literally “forgot” that they were not supposed to be coordinated, strong, or fast. In many cases the breakthrough would happen in a single class as they performed a single movement better than the adults.

This is all it takes! I have found that EVERY child has a physical talent or two that is exceptional. This creates the necessary belief that, “YES, I can do this!” which can (and usually does) replace the “I can’t” forever. It’s funny now when I “lose” one of THESE kids to team sports, because they were the “nerds” and “fat kids” just two years ago. In reality, I lose nothing as everyone sees the transformation and Frontier Movement continues to grow! By the way, I still train the highly athletic youth, but I mix them with the adults also. In terms of performance, they no longer dominate the class as we often have top amateur athletes in the mix. This raises the bar for the young athletes as well and they take their skills to the next level.

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