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In fact, some seniors who refer to themselves as being healthy find they have lost range of motion in their joints and strength in their muscles when they come and do our movements. Even if you run or bike, you are performing very small range of motion movements. If you go to the gym and sit at weight machines you are missing almost half of your functional movement. Many seniors who “look” fit are tight, stiff, and full of pains. Watch a seven year old “skin the cat” on a monkey bar or do a somersault. Look easy? Try it.

We can reverse every bit of this. We do it every day. Frontier Movement offers a Level 1 class. I state flatly that anyone, I mean ANYONE, can do this class. In a Level 1 class exercises are modified for the specific issues that you may have. We have seen leg braces and canes come through the door and eventually into the trash can and decades old pains disappear. Trick knee? Bad back? Old high school football injury? We have seen all these disappear.

Every trainer on earth has a few of these stories, I know, I was one of them, but at Frontier Movement we have come to EXPECT healing with this work. Much of it cannot be explained easily. Healing is the norm here, not the occasional success. In fact the majority of our Level 1 clients go on to Level 2. How would you feel if all your aches and pains went away? Read some healing stories for yourself.

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