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"Pear" Type Diet

The “pear” shaped body type will generally not be carbohydrate sensitive. Fat storage in the thighs is theorized to be an adaptation to fight-or-flight for pregnant women. By carrying fuel stores in the thighs one can move more efficiently and maintain balance better than if the fetus and the fuel stores shared space.

If you have had a child and are pear shaped, you know that the thighs gained weight during pregnancy and lost during lactation. This storage pattern is not prevalent in “apple” types, who tend to gain above the waist during pregnancy. You pears must watch the total amount of food in order to lose weight. You must familiarize yourself with the Starvation Response (click) section. You must be willing to lose weight slowly so as not to trigger this response. Radical weight loss begets radical storage and a totally unsustainable food intake.

You should choose foods with high satiety and pleasure levels such as fat. That’s right: fat. I do not recommend low fat dieting as fat is comfort food and necessary for your health. It is commonly known that pear shaped people have little to no risk of heart disease as compared to apples.

Remember that fat IS dense and you are watching total food intake but dairy and meat are better eaten with the fat left in. The lean cuts of meat are dry and tough. I strongly recommend free range, steroid/hormone-free meat and dairy. These hormones and steroids cause cancer, not meat. If you find American people who are over one hundred years of age (I have found 30 or so) you will learn that they eat high fat and many still cook with lard. (Most have cholesterol levels around 300.)

If this is contrary to what you have heard, remember the people who determine what is good or bad for you are sponsored by and wholly owned by the largest corporations in the world. Do you think these are meat and dairy companies? How about Coca-Cola, Monsanto Agricultural, PepsiCo., Hershey Foods, General Mills, Post, Nabisco, M&M/Mars, Nestle and Kellog; I can go on and on. Each ONE of these global companies makes more profit than all the meat and dairy farmers in the U.S. added together.

Believe me, they are VERY interested in you focusing on fat-as-the-culprit and they work together and invest millions and millions in bogus research to that end. I am sad to say that some pharmaceutical companies have joined their ranks. Apparently they need more sick people for their business. I digress.

As far as cutting calories, I believe that you should eliminate the worst offenders first. The worst offenders are highly unhealthy fats which have been altered by man through chemistry and prolonged heat. I am referring to deep fried food and hydrogenated fat. (Almost all food in a 7-11 qualifies and happens to be made by the above mentioned companies.)

Then withdraw from sugar. Pears can have an occasional treat as far as weight loss goes. But for some the taste of sugar triggers a period of bad eating. The same is true of the “fake” sugars. Just as some recovering alcoholics cannot drink non-alcoholic beer and others can, you must “know thyself.”

Do not go hungry or you will fire up the starvation response and eat a half gallon of ice cream! You have heard the terms “grazing” and “eat yourself thin” and this will help. Do not eat tiny meals. You must learn patience. Eliminating a few bites of food per meal, sugar, and empty calorie foods with no satiety such as cereals, and white bread (bagels and baguettes) will bring success.

The tortoise always beats the hare at LONG TERM weight loss. Exercise for weight loss serves the pears a little better than the apples but still not well. Learn to monitor your Heart Rate (Heart Rate Monitoring) and do no more exercise than you can sustain over the years and remember that you cannot outrun your fork!

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