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Six years ago, as we set our course away from machines and body builder moves I took a long look at hundreds of workouts and bought every book and video that featured human movement including functional training, sports training and moving-flexibility training. I traveled to several forward-thinking gyms such as Velocity and Monkey Bar and joined several paid sites for strength coaches and trainers. Many seminars were led by the most famous athletic trainers in the world such as Jack Blatherwick, the conditioning coach for the American “Miracle On Ice” Olympic gold medal winners. Much of this turned my world upside down as I found out how the pros really train.

Imagine being told that abdominal “crunches” were simply not performed by coaches in the know as they have a direct link to bulging discs in the spine! I perused the internet endlessly for unique movement work. I learned a lot and I’m still learning a lot. I found that no one had the total package for our needs.

Most elite trainers were working with elite athletes who typically spend 5 or 6 days a week in the gym. My clients have much more on their plate than going to the gym. My intention has been to condense and refine all this great conditioning knowledge into a total package for my clients.

By a “total package” I am referring to the ultimate fitness hour. What should such an hour include? First it should be total body workout. By this I mean that every major muscle group should be thoroughly worked. This means to, or very near to, exhaustion.

Second, no repeat movements for months so that variety can bring superior results and stave off repetition and boredom. (Currently we have no repeat movements for four-month cycles and incorporate over 600 unique movements.)

Third, it should be well beyond aerobic (75% of max HR) and strive for a maximum (100%) heart rate at predictable intervals throughout the hour. This negates the need for supplemental cardio in all but serious athletes. Also, flexibility should be increased by the work, not reduced, as is often the case with gym work.

Fourth, specific rest intervals are essential to train the body’s ability to recover from effort more effectively. To this end, we have forced rest intervals done while seated in chairs.

Fifth, to accomplish all this we must raise the bar on research and development. Each of our workouts take an average of six hours in research before a single movement is performed. Following that, our staff will rehearse the movements for several weeks. At this point we evolve the workout for heart rate plotting, appropriate intensity, flexibility and muscle fatigue. We attempt to make it interesting and fun. Importantly, we must be able to modify each movement in order to accommodate ALL levels of fitness. This is where we are truly emerging as leaders in the field as often developing and create new equipment of our own design.

Now we begin giving the new movements to the clients and the evolution of the movements continues based on their feedback and heart rates. I believe this process gives us, without a doubt, the best workouts in the fitness business. Just two of these total body workouts per week bring big results. Sound Impossible? Check our Testimonials.

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