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About Each Class Level

Level 1 (One-hour class):

Level 1 was created long after our project began. We began offering this because over time we found quite a few people were not ready for Frontier Movement in full. If you have recurring physical problems that have caused you to STOP exercising at intervals through your life, this may be a good place to start. I am referring to your back, knees ankles, hips or any other joints that can bring debilitating pain. If you have had an injury and recently completed physical therapy you may choose to start here as well. I can personally advise you where to begin.

Other good candidates for Level 1 would be those of you who have never exercised regularly or have gained 50 or more pounds of excess weight. We like to say that ANYONE can do Level 1.

The Level 1 class begins with a dynamic, walking warm up. The warm up was designed by 11,000 strength coaches together online. It was the consensus of these coaches that people need joint mobilization, more that stretching, before playing sports or working out.

After the warm up, special movements may be given to anyone who is working through a particular physical problem. Subsequently I will demonstrate one of the movements. Questions are asked and answered and participants perform the movement. All levels use 12 exercises, though they may be modified for effectiveness at each level and further modified for each client at ALL levels. In my research I determined that 12 movements could cover the entire body IF they were well researched. To that end all of our workouts have at least six hours of research before rehearsals begin. At that point the trainers begin to do the 12 movements.

During rehearsals we modify the movements, change the order of the movements and occasionally replace movements until our ideal strength and cardio parameters have been met. This can take up to three weeks. We then give the movements to the clients for two consecutive days while constantly taking notes to facilitate more effective teaching and we then make further modifications to the movements themselves and to the sequence of the movements.

Through group feedback and the monitoring of heart rates, we arrive at the best workout possible, but as that particular workout cycles back around in three to four months, further tweaking will inevitably occur.

Level 1 participants perform each movement for as long as they choose within the bounds of the trainers advice to them. After learning and performing the 12 movements, we finish with a “planking” session to further strengthen the core and the spine in particular.

Level 1.5 (Our only 30-minute class):

This level was created so that our advanced Level 1 clients would have access to a wide variety of class times, in fact, they can join in with any class. “Advanced” implies that the participant has no active rehabilitation sites and has a good grasp of our concept. This will be determined by the facilitator.

One can simply do the first half hour of a Level 2 or 3 level class which is a rehearsal of each of the 12 exercises followed by a 45 second performance of that exercise.

Level 2 (One-hour class):

Level 2 begins with the same dynamic joint mobilization warm up as Level 1. Each of the twelve exercises is individually taught and rehearsed and finally performed for 45 seconds. Then we take a four minute seated break.

Then all 12 movements are performed in order for 45 seconds. Each of the 12 movements is followed by 30 seconds of transition/rest. The entire round is followed by four minutes of seated recovery.

Heart rates are noted throughout the session and discussed during recovery. We finish the hour with a series of front, back and side planks.

Level 3 (One-hour class):

This is the most requested class at Frontier Movement and therefore it constitutes the majority of the class offerings. The dymamic warm up is replaced by a movement-specific warm up just prior to each movement during the first round of 12 exercises.

Just as with level 2, each exercise is taught, demonstrated and finally performed for 45 seconds. This takes the first half hour.

After a three minute seated rest, all twelve are performed in order. The transition time between each movement is cut in half (compared with Level 2) leaving only 15 seconds to prepare for the next movement. This effectively eliminates rest during the transition.

By design, participants will have a maximum heart rate, near 100%, when the round is over. We then have a three minute seated recovery and repeat the movements for a third time.

Level 4 (One-hour & 30-minute class):

Everything is the same a Level 3. We simply add a fourth round of the movements. This is for serious workout enthusiasts and competitive athletes.

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