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Stress Reduction

All exercise, meditation and yoga programs will help you reduce stress. It is a primary reason for participation in these modalities. All of my clients have participated in other classes that had a calming effect on them, and we can tell you that none exceed the CALM AND STRONG sense we get from Frontier Movement.

Throughout our long history humans have been fight or flight, hunting and gathering animals. We have evolved to a point where we are rewarded for our hard labors with a calming high. We hear that exercise helps with the regulation, delivery, and uptake of serotonin, dopamines, endorphins, opioids, and endocanabanoids. We must note here that HARD EXERCISE AND REST are required for these chemical processes to occur. The “runner’s high” is just that—for runners; not joggers and walkers. “Fight or flight” is just what it sounds like—giving your best effort. Hard exercise sets up the delivery system for the natural high, and rest allows it to happen in full.

We must also re-learn how to rest. I use the word “re-learn” because many have forgotten how. Yoga and meditation are good ways to remember how to rest. However, their value is greatly reduced if the other side of the coin, hard work, is not present.

Let us take a look at our autonomic nervous system. This system regulates our bodily functions in an involuntary, reflexive manner. One aspect, the sympathetic nervous system, is our get-up-and-go mode switch as it is responsible for activating our fight or flight behavior. The other aspect, the parasympathetic nervous system is responsible for activating our rest systems and, in fact, is often called the “rest and digest” system. This mode is also necessary for effective recovery from hard work and to allow healing to occur.

If we look around in our society we see those who are wound-up and caffeinated with no apparent “off” switch. Working hard is all they do and often they are executives or self-employed. Yoga and meditation class, for them, is like throwing a fish out of the water; they flop around and cannot sit still. They are stuck in flight or flight mode. Learning yoga and meditation could prevent adrenal burnout and save their lives.

Conversely, we see those who seem to be in a trancelike or “stoned” state. They exhibit no energy and seem to have little enthusiasm in general. To them, exercise is a yoga class at most, yet they desperately need to re-regulate their autonomic nervous system. Like Rip Van Winkle, they are stuck in parasympathetic mode.

Frontier Movement allows you to actively develop these important aspects of yourself and to totally control the "on-off" switch to both; energy when you need it, and the ability to deeply rest or heal when you need it.

To quantify this and to measure improvement, all of us wear “heart rate monitors.” By design, we take our heart rates to the maximum. Fortunately this comes quite easily for those who are in poor physical condition. We alternate this maximal effort with a seated recovery for either three or four minutes. During this rest you can see that deconditioned clients do not recover from effort very well as their heart rate does not slow as far or as fast as fit individuals. The good news is that Frontier Movement improves this faster than any other modality!

We did a clinical trial involving 40 clients who recorded their heart rates for six months after starting our classes. We recorded their heart rates when they finished a work cycle and again at one, two and three minute rest intervals following that. In six months our clients improved Hear Rate Recovery by an average of 20 beats per minute!! In my long history of working with athletes this often took a year or more of intense exercise.

By training the heart and the rest of the body to go from maximal work to maximal rest as quickly as possible we stumbled on to the secret of these “on-off” switches for the autonomic nervous system. We can turn them on and off faster and deeper than we thought possible.

Our wound-up executives found their rest and healing switch, which enabled them to sleep like babies and to feel good while simply doing nothing. Our tired and lethargic folks found their energy returning and a new zest for life. Both groups have shown marked improvement in their immunity to common sickness. Learning to rest prevents sicknesses that come from exhaustion, as these individuals tend to bop-till-they-drop.

It is true that you can choose to rest or nature will force you. The group that has learned to move fast when appropriate will also build their immunity. Working at full capacity is a natural detoxifying process as toxins are released through sweat and urine. Rapid blood flow can also help with cellular detoxification. The high core temperatures associated with maximal effort can kill bacterial and viral invaders before they spread, in much the same manner as the body raises core temperature through a fever. For further information, please see the “Self Healing” section.

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