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The Game of Life

The ultimate workout is a skills course!

As the new age of fitness arrives, many are aware that the movements involved are considered skills. Many are useful, some are just plain old fun, and others carry a “wow” as we master skills we thought beyond our reach. Jumping rope, performing your first chin-up, going through the monkey bars hand after hand, walking on your hands, rapid and wildly varying hops and jumps on grids and over hurdles are a few of the hundreds of skills we are mastering currently.

These skills are integral parts of all sports and in fact, a large portion of this new fitness design came from sports drills. When we train the body with these drills and acquire these skills, we raise our potential for participation in many of life’s physical pleasures that were passing us by. If you go to the beach and spot a volleyball game, you may choose to jump in and participate or play basketball, baseball or football with your children. One may choose to take a long hike or learn something new such as rock climbing.

More than a few of us have tried to do these “weekend warrior” activities without mastery of these skills drills and the end result fills emergency rooms and doctors offices throughout the land. Attempting these activities unprepared is also a frequent cause of heart attacks. More commonly we end up with extreme aches and pains that deter us from further participation.

Much more basically, those of us in our later years can put our grandchild on our shoulders, let them ride us like a horse or take up something new like tennis or gardening. Many in their twilight years will fall and break their hip because they have not maintained basic balance, agility skills and built strong bones. No matter what your age and ability level there are many, many benefits to this type of training.

As we say in my gym, “Frontier Movement gets you off the bench and back in the game— the game of life.”

Here is how we do it. When we put forward a new workout, with a whole new group of new skills, there is excitement in the room as we go through the teaching phase. Then we rehearse and refine our movement as we begin to imprint it in our neural network. At the end of the hour session, most have command of the skill at hand.

By the end of the second performance of a given workout, the athletes and fitness buffs are aggressively pushing their limits with the movements. This is true even though they have not seen these particular movements for four months! Meanwhile, most of the general population of my facility is beginning to show confidence and joy as they now “own” the skills in question.

My seniors and others who came to me with many physical limitations, which they thought to be a normal part of aging, see a big step backwards in time. Indeed many of them are adding skills they never had at any age!! The sense of accomplishment and self confidence infuses our daily activities with a tremendous sense of well being.

It is a surprise to many new clients that fear enters into the work, because to watch others perform, you would see no cause for concern. As many approach a hurdle only six inches off the floor, you would think they had been asked to jump the Grand Canyon along side Evil Knievel. Of course, they make the jump and go on to much bigger jumps and a ripple effect of breaking this barrier flows through their entire being.

It is impossible to put words together about an hour in the gym that is so transformative in nature. We become addicted, in a certain way, to the process involved. We begin to question ourselves. What are my limitations? Is there no end to the progress I will make, despite my age? Will my energy level continue rise like this? Where will I be a few years from now?

To these questions and other like them, I simply say, “The possibilities are endless.” So, what are you waiting for? Get off the bench and back in the game—the game of life!

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