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"Growing up as an athlete, I never took the time to consider the potential of injury and what might happen should it occur. So when I injured my back, all that I had taken for granted came to an end. My life was flipped on it's side and I could not for the life of me, figure out how to get literally "back" to where I needed to be.

So let me digress...

I started having back pain in 2001. Minor pains, yes, but enough to know something was off kilter. By the time May came along, I was graduating from USC, moving out of my house, and about to embark on a 2 month backpacking trip across Europe. While all this was happening, my back decided it wanted to take another route.

Moving out of the house, I found I couldn't stand up after putting down a shelf, then again later when I dropped some moving supplies, and the final fateful occurrence of my sneezing! From that point on, I could not lift anything, I could not walk, and I even had to be carried at certain points.

I saw a doctor who prescribed pain medicines, muscle relaxers, and Valium for the pain. I even got my first of probably 8 steroid injections, something I hope to never have again. The injection barely helped, other than it allowed me to walk. I stubbornly refused to cancel the Europe trip and rolled my pack around instead.

At that point I wasn't thinking of things I could do to better my back, only what I could do to alleviate the horrible pain. When, after a month and a half, my back again became worse, I ended my European journey early and came home to heal.

Over the next 6 years I did anything I could think of to better my back, except surgery. I was in my mid-late 20s at the time, and while every doctor I saw wanted to do surgery, I wasn't ready for such an undertaking. The pain persisted and I kept trying to heal myself with acupuncture (which helped some), chiropractic and various exercise regimens (yoga, pilates, aerobic). I went back for more injections...only they often lasted only a few days to a week or they didn't help at all. I continued to have my back "go out" at least 4-5 times per year, so much so, that I couldn't walk.

Finally, I had had enough. I had given birth to my first son, put on weight that I wasn't able to take off, and could barely carry my son. So time it was for surgery. I had a discogram done and found that I had a lateral tear in a disc, fully ruptured, with a bulging disc on top of that. My pain level never dropped below 7/10. I found a surgeon in Charleston whom I felt comfortable with and soon had the surgery. I attended physical therapy, and while that helped my mobility, it helped little else and I soon stopped.

My surgeon did tell me afterwards that had I not done the procedure I would've been in a wheelchair within the next 5 years! From that point on, I focused my intentions on keeping myself very healthy so as to not have more surgeries. The only problem was that while my back functioned better, I was still in horrible pain and continued to have weight gain. I was not healing. I had essentially become broken physically and mentally, so sure I would never be the person I was and am today.

When my second child came, I weighed 192 pounds. Within a month or two I had managed to drop the 15 or so pounds postpartum, but I was still helpless on the next step to take. So weighing in the 170s, I fatefully met Chris and started attending his rehabilitation class in 2009.

From then on, I performed the stretches he gave me like a mad woman, sometimes with tears rolling down my cheeks, I was in so much pain. Almost instantly my back pain began to subside and continued to lessen.

I had found the path I needed and have not stopped since! In these past two years working out with Chris' Frontier Movement, my back pain decreased steadily from an everyday level of 7-9 down to maybe a 1, or a 2 tops on a bad day! Not only that, I have lost more than 60 pounds. I changed my diet, eliminated processed foods, and continued the workouts.

Earlier this year, I had the epiphany that I so enjoyed doing the workouts and learning from Chris, that I needed to pay it forward and help other people with their quests; be it injury, weight loss, and the like. By August I had started mentoring under Chris and training clients.

Now I have several classes of my own, LOVING what I do and learning more everyday! I am looking forward to the future and hoping to help create more healing stories like mine. I also want to continue doing something that I love and have fun doing, but most importantly something that I know really WORKS and that I BELIEVE in! So come join me at Frontier Movement...

I have come full circle, back to the Kristin I knew! I had taught rock climbing (which I am now doing again), I now teach children's karate and take karate as well (even competing last Spring), again I am able to participate in the many sports I love, practice yoga, run crazily around picking up even my 6 year old, doing things I never would've dreamed possible!

Once you are hooked on this workout, there is no going back. You will not find a more researched, better-sequenced, whole body workout that is whimsical, healing and fun! I look forward to teaching it to you!" –Kristin

"This is a story about how Chris gives us our bodies back!

My 82-year old father in law, whom I call "Dad," was staying with my husband and me here in Columbia last winter. Dad had had a shoulder injury many years ago, and for at least 20 years, he had not been able to lift his left arm unaided. Instead, Dad raised it with his right hand. He also had fallen in the preceding autumn, and had been too weak to get up. This was a very frightening experience! The fall also hurt his back, which had always given him trouble since he sustained a work-related injury about 50 years ago!

On Tuesdays, Dad got to watch me take Chris's level 1 class, and afterwards I would take Dad to an event at the Senior Center. Dad got to see how Chris's workouts energize our whole bodies and give attention to muscles, tendons, bones, etc, that we didn't even know we had! Dad got to see how Chris uses curative exercises for people who have been injured.

We arranged for Chris to work with Dad one on one, an hour every other week, for a total of 5 times. Dad, who was a marine, responded very well whenever Chris gave him a challenge.

Chris developed "morning exercises" for Dad, which we encouraged Dad to do every day. Gradually Dad got stronger and more balanced. His back pain diminished so he was able to go off pain killers. He slept better, and weaned himself off sleeping pills. He was able to lift his left arm little by little, and by the fifth session he was lifting it over his head! Chris showed Dad how to get up after lying flat on the floor, and we added that to Dad's daily routine. The neatest thing was to see how amazed and happy Dad was, when re realized he was doing something that he'd thought he could no longer do.

Thanks, Chris!!" –Marguerite

"I am a military member who has been a runner for over 23 years. Over the past years, I have developed chronic knee pain (and occasional hip pain), and since 2008 I have gone to a chiropractor and a doctor of physical medicine for steroid and Supartz knee injections. In March 2010, I further injured my left knee while enthusiastically participating in a "Zumba" class and had to cease running altogether due to a probable torn meniscus. In the fall of 2010, I saw an orthopedic surgeon and was scheduled for an arthroscopic knee surgery (knee scope). Since scopes are elective surgeries, I began doing research on what the surgery involves, and asking others about their experience with the surgery. As a result, I began to feel that I wanted to explore alternatives.

In the fall of 2010, I started attending Chris' classes after hearing about him through a dear friend. Chris is an inspirational leader, and he gave me hope that, with his class, I could not only avoid surgery, but get on the path to a stronger body and healthier joints. Now, about a year out, I have cancelled that knee surgery, and am back to running (though I am conservative with it). I got an excellent report from my physical medicine physician, who I saw in December 2011 for a re-exam. I have good range of motion, and very little if any pain in either knee—which I credit to Chris' class regimen. I am able to do things that I could not even fathom were possible. I also believe that Chris' class assists with enhancing mental health—this class is both physically and mentally challenging, and is a true blessing in my life.

Thank you Chris!" –Colonel Edye Ulmer Moran

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