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"How many times have you thought…if I could just find that one exercise 'program,' activity I love to do, place to go, people to work out with…it would be easier and more enjoyable to work out and I would stick with it. Then you find yourself still searching. Well, everything I have ever wanted, I have found.

A friend invited me to Frontier Movement. Everything I heard about the program seemed so cryptic. What I did know is that it worked because I saw my friend and the changes to her body. I thought I definitely understood the varying exercises, varying degrees of intensity and number of exercise repetitions within a session, but I truly didn't really get it until I walked in the door. And, by the way, with very big-eyed amazement as I entered the door during a class.

I will say I was not in great shape when I started and was definitely intimidated, even though I was never treated that way. I was encouraged throughout. All of my concerns faded once I started my twice a week sessions. It is not easy, but it is more than just fun. No, really, FUN. It is not routine. It is FUN and exciting that you don't know what will happen when the class starts.

The hundreds and hundreds of different routines Chris integrates into the program are challenging. They are fun to learn and you get so much from each. Even if you have never really exercised in your life and are just getting started or you have exercised, at some level, your entire life, there is something for everyone. I was pretty flexible and had done your "typical" exercises over the years, but nothing I have ever done has produced the results these sessions and exercises do. The added stress relief that comes with the individual exercises is a bonus.

I won't say I didn't go through my first round of "I can't walk" for about eight days, but I knew it was working. I knew I would work through it and I knew I was going to stick with it. The camaraderie of the group is amazing. People are supportive of one another with just the right mix of challenging each other.

Chris once said that when I got hooked I would not even consider missing a class. He was right. I hit that point about a month into going. Twice a week, with no possibility of missing. If I can't make my regular class, I find one I can make. At about class 25 (about three months), I hit that point where I felt the increased strength.

When I started, flexibility wasn't really an issue, but at three months even this improved. I jump better, I lift more weight, I lift myself on the straps and chin-up bar that I struggled with in the beginning. It is extremely rewarding to know this improvement is from my commitment and hard, sweaty work and the encouragement I receive. And, did I mention, it is FUN - F….U…N.

If you are looking for something that you need in your life that goes beyond routine exercise, this is it. This is not ordinary. It is extraordinary and so are the people that participate, lead and support those of us that are hooked. I love everything about these twice a week experiences. I have made friends and I have made time to do something for myself that brings joy to my life." –Dawn Hunt

"Joining with Chris has been one of the most life enhancing and inspiring decisions I have made in my life. I have made coming to his gym part of my mind, body, and Spiritual growth; getting my mind past my limiting ideas about myself. When I began I could not raise my arms over my head or twist the cap off of a bottle of water due to arthritis. Currently I am pain free and have full use of my hands and arms. I am healthier than ever before and growing old gracefully and beautifully! It has been wonderful" –Thomassina Reynolds

"It's like food and can't live without this exercise regiment once you make the commitment—it becomes part of your day." –Elyse T

"Where gym meets dance. Where strength meets rhythm. Where workout meets re-creation." –Shauna K. Hannan

F un innovative classes
R einventing fitness
O pen to all ages
N ever boring
T otal awesome body workout
I mprove your core
E nergizing
R eady to learn proper habits

M ake your body flexible and fit
O utstanding agility training
V arying workouts
E levate your heart rate
M ake your recovery shorter
E nthusiasm
N ot your usual program
T rainer Chris is the best!! –Karen Addison

"I started with Chris Hardwicke's program at the urging of my brother and husband; who were 10 year veterans of his exercise format. Unlike an other fitness program in the area, it is demanding and strenuous but his results bring rewards to each person with a feeling of improvement and accomplishment. Having recently been to The Canyon Ranch in Miami I was not surprised to discover their fitness program uses the same techniques that Chris Hardwicke has been using now for many years right here in Columbia." –C.E.

“The workouts that I do twice a week have made an enormous difference in my life. I have never been as strong and flexible as I am now. The routine varies and you always have to focus on what you are doing. I am 75 years old and I am using my body in ways that were impossible before. The doctor was amazed that I have regained some of the height that I lost before I started with Chris. I expect to regain all that loss and I am sure that the diagnosis of osteopenia would no longer apply. I appreciate Chris's encouragement and I find that I can work at my own pace and push myself and gain inspiration in a class mixed in age. My balance is excellent now. I schedule the rest of my life around these wonderful workouts.” –Betty Mandell

“I am a stage 3 breast cancer survivor and when I was diagnosed I was in the best shape of my life. After multiple surgeries on my chest, six rounds of chemotherapy and radiation treatment I was so muscularly weak that it was a struggle to push a vacuum cleaner. After a year of intensive treatment I started to work out at Frontier Movement. Two years later I am stronger, fitter, faster and more flexible than I have ever been. It has been so rewarding to feel like my body is back in shape and better than ever. I'm extremely grateful to Chris for his guidance. I have tremendous respect for Chris professionally. He is constantly trying something new, challenging and FUN! The fun part is important because it makes you want to keep coming back. I have convinced many of my friends and family members (my 75 year old mother and my 12 year old son) to come to Frontier Movement and they constantly thank me for referring them!” –Isa Mandell

"'No whining, no complaining and no negativity no matter how bad it gets,' my mentor and Sensei would tell me these words repeatedly as I came up in the karate school. Two years ago I lost him to cancer but his words stay with me. I love karate, I love working out and I love competing; since his death though I found that I no longer had someone to push me as he did. A friend invited me to come check out this workout that she did saying it was the best ever. I was hesistant as I belong to a gym and take have karate 2-3 times a week, but I did go with her one morning and promptly fell in love! I thought I was in great shape, but I feel stronger and faster than I ever have before with Chris' workout. I work muscles that I did not know that I had, in ways I never would have thought I would or could. Chris brings back the feeling that Hanchi would inspire in me and that in it's self is very comforting. Also, since joining Frontier Movement, my fiance also started coming to classes, as well as my two girls. It's so nice that in one class we can each get a great workout at each of our levels. I love Frontier Movement, and I love the spirit within it's walls that Chris has created!!" –Lidia Carnesale

"I used to have asthma. I used to be beaten in swimming. I used to physically suck. I used to be slow. I used to lack confidence. But now...I feel like a million bucks!" –Jake, 12 years old

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