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Self Healing

“God Heals and the physician collects the fees.” -Benjamin Franklin
“Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease.” -Hippocrates

Intuitively, most of us have always known that we have been provided with all the tools we need to self heal. By this, I do not mean that when we cut our arm the wound should magically close as the Red Sea opened, though even this concept also has its possibilities in the realm of quantum and miraculous healing. I am inferring that our bodies do so much healing naturally that it seems we would not carry our tricky knee, painful shoulder, or bad back around for long without the body completing the healing process.

Dr. Deepak Chopra, a world renowned internist and healer, states that we replace 98% of ALL cells in the entire body every year and the other 2% within the next year. This makes it seem quite odd that we literally replace the entire joint and yet the pain remains. For hundreds of thousands of years we have healed naturally and I believe this is in large part due to the principal of adaptation. Biologically speaking, if we stop using a joint the process of decline begins, as expressed in the time-worn adage “use it or lose it.”

I have grown increasingly certain that when we send the message that we are putting the joint back to work, healing becomes the biological priority. This healing ability is in our DNA and is integral to the survival of our species. I doubt that Grog, when his tribe was being chased by dinosaurs, sat there and pointed at his knee while saying, “You guys go ahead, I’ve got an old clubbing injury.”

It is my belief that by asking in my prayers and meditations for my gym to become a healing place, that I have been shown one of the many paths that allow this natural healing to take place.

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