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I have coined the term “Dormancy” when referring to my clients and their particular physical problems. My observation is that rest simply produces “Dormancy,” not healing. A lack of pain or other symptoms while sitting on the bench or avoiding particular movements is NOT healing.

If your passion is tennis or running and you must stop participating in order to feel no pain, are you healed? Are tennis and running causing your pain? I say “No.” How do you explain the millions of people who do these things with no pain? Do you “heal” when you stop participating and subsequently re-injure when becoming active? I feel that we create dormancy through rest and have a return of symptoms when we resume activity. Avoidance is not to be confused with healing.

In the past, before we began Frontier Movement, we often referred our clients to other modalities when their old injury sites would activate. Eventually some of them felt no pain while pursuing these modalities. Indeed they were mostly sitting down, lying down, or holding poses that did not challenge the offended joints. However, many were grateful to have no pain, especially those with chronic back pain.

After a few weeks, months, or even years they would return to the gym and as soon as their work level reached the old intensity, speed and/or resistance, the vast majority would have a full return of symptoms. You cannot name a “healing” modality to which we did not refer clients, all with poor results.

Often they blamed our workouts for CAUSING the return of their pain but this fails to explain the hundreds of thousands doing these same movements with NO PAIN. These same people would say that their back is healed but they still cannot play tennis because tennis CAUSES their back to hurt. That is not a healed back! These other “healing” modalities had only served to allow the real problem to go DORMANT. As soon as you return to life’s playground you will be on the sidelines again as your dormancy ends.

I have had clients with chronic back pain tell me that some modality healed their back. If I simply ask someone with a dormant back pain to do a somersault you would think I was asking them to do a back flip! They are scared, and they ought to be! They are not healed. Possibly they can go through their days without pain and we all know that to be valuable in the beginning, but they are “on the bench” not in the game. If you are avoiding ANY particular movement you are not HEALED.

So how will we ever heal if each time we reach the same level of work/performance, the pain surfaces and then we are instructed to stop? I was personally in this seemingly never ending loop for years.

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