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The Real Heal

Roughly two years into Frontier Movement work, we began asking clients to trust the process. Trust that healing would occur. Trust that pain is not necessarily a sign to stop.

When a doctor recommends physical therapy, he violates his own pain-is-a sign-to-stop dictum for it is often very painful! Indeed, we began to trust that we must go “through” the healing process for there is no “going around” it. Our results have been astounding! I encourage you to look at the Healing Stories on our site.

The first article to validate my experience (and that of my clients) with healing naturally was published in ‘Outside’ magazine in June 2009 titled, “The Real Heal.” The article quotes Dr. Jeanne Doperak, a sports medicine physician at the University of Pittsburg as saying, “During rest, you’re in a NON-HEALING zone.”

The article goes on to quote Dr. Phelps Kip as stating that in reference to healing “the body was designed to move.” Dr. Kip happens to be an orthopedic surgeon and U.S. Ski Team physician. The article is conservative in my opinion but that is to be expected as the shift to “moving through” these injuries begins in the mainstream.

In a recent article Leigh Callahan, Ph.D., an associate professor in the Arthritis Research Center an UNC says, “I know it sounds counterintuitive, especially if you knee is sore, but the most important thing for knee health is to be active.” Further validation came in a Wall Street Journal article on April 12, 2011. The title says it all: “Doctors’ New Advice for Joint Pain: Get Moving.”

The previous gold standard for healing and indeed the one I was taught at the U.S Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs is “RICE.” This stands for Rest, Ice Compression, and Elevation. If you Google MICE you will see the new paradigm blooming rapidly. MICE stands for Movement, Ice, Compression (or Circulation, my preference), and Elevation.

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