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Sherri Greenberg, Trainer

Sherri’s love of movement and fitness began at an early age with the art of dance. She danced throughout elementary, middle and high school. Her first job as a teenager was as a dance instructor.

She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Education and a master’s degree in guidance and counseling from the University of South Carolina. She taught third grade for three years and was a guidance counselor for seven. As a guidance counselor, she developed a program incorporating movement and exercise to increase self-esteem and self-worth in adolescents.

After the birth of her third son, she became a stay at home mom spending her free time working out, playing USTA league tennis and volunteering for various organizations. In the past twelve years, she has competed and been an age group award winner in running events from 5K to marathon distance, triathlons at all distances; sprint, Olympic, half-ironman and ironman and the Mud Run. She has completed five marathons including New York, Marine Corps, Myrtle Beach, Kiawah and Boston. Her most recent athletic accomplishment was the completion of an ironman in Montreal, Canada.

Sherri began training with Chris over a decade ago. Chris’s low glycemic index eating plan and training program focusing on whole body functional movement enabled her to lose 18 pounds and to achieve her highest level of fitness. She attributes her strong sense of health, well-being and competitive athletic accomplishments to the Frontier Movement Training Program.

A teacher at heart with an energetic passion for fitness and the “Frontier Movement Way” led Sherri to certification as a personal trainer in 2006. She was the first trainer qualified by Chris to teach Frontier Movement workouts. Sherri has performed over 1000 hours of Frontier Movement work directly with Chris Hardwicke and is involved in the research and development of the Frontier Movement project. She has conducted training sessions with clients of all ages and ability levels with a variety of fitness goals. She is also a certified SPIN instructor and Zumba instructor.

She believes the real reason, the functional reason for being active is to live stronger healthier lives and that exercise is more than an activity, it is a way of life. She believes bodies are too incredible not to be used and using them leads to self-awareness, reliance and a vigorous mind, body, soul connection.

Sherri enjoys working with a variety of clients. Whether a weekend warrior, beginning runner training for a first 5K or mud run, multi-sport athlete preparing for a triathlon, aspiring young athlete or seeker of anti-aging exercises and movements, she wants to inspire and motivate people to reach their fitness goals. She looks forward to empowering clients to live healthier active lifestyles through exhilarating playful workouts that bring out the athlete and child within.

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