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The Best Weight Loss Diet

I really should have called this section “Finding The Best Diet For You” but you might have been less enthusiastic about coming here. In truth, you will have to find your own weight loss diet because one shoe does not fit all. Few, if any, diet books state this fact as they would prefer that everyone buy their book. However, I can help you as I have helped many to achieve permanent weight loss.

Before I start, I believe everyone watching their weight should weigh once a week. I know most women hate to weigh as I witnessed this for 15 years! We all need accountability. I recommend weighing first thing in the morning in the nude. You will be a pound lighter than in the evening but that is not the point. We are trying to create a habit and we are very habitual in the morning. You should weight on Friday morning if your temptations are during the week and Monday if they are greater on the weekend. If you knowingly violate your diet protocol, you should weigh the next day to increase your accountability and awareness.

As you read these, you may notice strong similarities in the recommendations. This is because white flour and sugar products are BAD FOR EVERYONE. My research has led me to believe that they are the root cause of most modern disease including obesity, diabetes, heart disease and many cancers.

Study after study have vindicated saturated fat from meat and dairy and pointed the finger at bad carbohydrates and sugar. Today the only holdouts are those with too much ego to admit they were undereducated diet-wise and wrong in preaching the low fat gospel, those truly ignorant of the facts, and those who are owned by big corporate sugar, starch and pharmaceutical concerns.

The first thing we must look for is your body type. The “apple” shape refers to those who store excess weight around their middle above the hips. The next type of body is the “pear” who store excess weight primarily on the thighs and buttocks. Later we shall also address the “mixed” type.

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