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More on the Excitement of this Workout

When we sold the machines and laid out the playground “toys” the young ones could not stay seated. They would come right out on the floor with their parents and try the movements. In fact, this is when we began to have children as clients. The adults were excited as well as they began to use their bodies in ways long forgotten. Occasionally when performing high-speed hopscotch or jump rope I would hear a client whispering a rhyme from childhood. Remember ‘wheelbarrow’? It is more exciting (and difficult!) today than it ever was as a child!

We incorporate movements from track and field, River Dance, Capoeira and Karate, Yoga, gymnastics, boot camp, Navy Seals and sports specific drills from basketball, football, tennis, baseball and soccer to mention a few. I like to say that we remain open to ALL human movement. As all good trainers know– variety brings the best results. Variety also keeps it EXCITING!

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Stephanie Swann
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