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I own over 200 diet books and each one is different, though some only slightly. Eating less food, exercising more, eating less fat and/or less “bad” carbohydrates pretty well sums up all the approaches. These books ask you to make two or three of these major lifestyle changes along with other smaller adjustments such as eating more often (grazing), keeping a diary, taking supplements, or measuring body fat and weight.

I have taught weight loss for 15 years and though I will be making food recommendations, I hope to give you a standard by which to find your way towards your own “perfect” diet. I can only skim the surface of dieting within the confines of this website. I will eventually post the myriad of clinical trials and sources from my years of studying and teaching and I intend to blog on the subject and respond to your e-mails.

I do have a self published book for those interested and can point you towards people in this community that lost weight 10 years ago following this advice and, more importantly, have kept it off.

If you are trying to lose weight, I hope you will read this entire section including the best diet for each body type, not just your own. I say this because we are working towards weight loss AND health, which has much overlap no matter what your personal weight loss plan.

Studies have shown that most successful dieters try several diets and eventually form their own program with bits and pieces of several plans. I define “successful” weight loss as having kept the weight off for over five years. If you will simply look at any diet plan and ask yourself two questions about the diet, you will save yourself years of yo-yo dieting (weight goes up and down) and unhappiness.

The questions are as follows: Does this diet follow the principles of ADAPTATION? Is this diet SUSTAINABLE?

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